The Well Being Africa seeks to find pragmatic solutions to fundamental human challenges in order to facilitate an atmosphere of optimal individual existence and productivity, and ultimately the development of African nations. We operate by employing research evidence-based approach in conjunction with stakeholders, policymakers, other NGOs, and implementers. We basically provide nutrition and nutrition-related services, skills development through vocational training, educational psychology support and services, consultancy services and engage in research collaboration with tertiary institutions


Well Being Africa provides services to:

  • Corporate organisations
  • Government departments
  • Communities


Well Being Africa complies with all legal requirements, codes of good practice and operates the policy of good corporate governance. The organisation is governed by a 6-member Board of Directors who meet periodically to oversee the finances and strategies of the organisation providing insight and advice to the organisation. All the board members render their services to the board on a voluntary basis, at no cost, thereby contributing valuable expertise on all levels of the management of its projects. The organisation employs a CEO for the daily operation of its affairs. The organisation conducts the external audit of its financial affairs annually.


Well Being Africa will be audited annually by the Certified Master Auditors Incorporated (CMA Inc). The full report of the audit will be posted each year for transparency.


DGMT is a public innovator committed to developing South Africa’s potential through strategic investment towards developing a flourishing people, economy and society.

Beulah WIDE Group (BWG) is a services provider enterprise for food / nutrition and civil / infrastructure solutions by supplying and implementing preventative approaches for improved quality of life for corporate bodies and communities.


Women On the Watch (WOW) Society Initiative engages with government and non-governmental agencies towards gender sensitization. They seek new areas such as research evidence to intervene in order to impact women and children’s lives positively in the communities.